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Apartments For Rent -- St. Paul, MN

Website:   www.apts.cc   &   apts.mn






We offer apartments for rent in Saint Paul's historic neighborhoods.
Crocus Hill, Ramsey Hill & Summit Hill Areas.
Grand Avenue at Victoria Crossing.
Renovated & "smoke-free" buildings constructed between 1890 and 1935.

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Apartment Listings Sorted by Location
  Showing:  unit sizes, price ranges,  dates available, & location within  the building (ground floor, 1st floor, etc). 

Check here for a list of openings in each of our buildings.

- Grand Ave.
- Holly Ave.
- N. Milton St.
- Hague Ave.
- Grand Hill
- Marshall Ave.
- Summit Ave.
Apartment Listings Sorted by Unit Size
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General Information  
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  Information for when you apply for an
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Utilities information.  (Who pays for what, etc.)

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Contact Us:

For more information or to schedule a showing:

T e l e p h o n e :
Primary Contact:   ( 6 5 1 )  2 2 4 - 2 6 5 3
Secondary Contact:   (651) 224-2653
Emergency Contact:  
(651) 224-2653
E - M a i l :
i n f o @ a p t s . c c


  Our website contains general information and is NOT intended to be a complete listing of lease terms or of units currently available for rent. Some of our apartments will not be available if applications have been received from prospective renters.  Not all applications result in leases being signed.  We update our website pages after the paperwork process is complete and the full deposit has been paid.
  Please contact our office for current availability and prices.