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Apartments For Rent -- St. Paul, MN

Website:   www.apts.cc   &   apts.mn





Application & Lease Information:
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  • Application Process.  As soon as you decide to rent an apartment, every occupant (and any guarantor) should submit a completed & signed application form along with an application fee & copy of current photo ID.  We pull a credit report for every applicant and review credit history & score.  Plus, we verify sufficient income, landlord references, eviction history, criminal history, etc.  It usually takes from two to five business days to process an application - sometimes longer.  Incomplete or unsigned applications will not be processed.  Applications that include incorrect or misleading information will be denied. 

  • Application Fee.  $50 per applicant. 

    • Applied toward security deposit if applicant is approved. 
    • Refundable only if application is denied. 
    • Forfeited if applicant decides not to rent or furnishes incorrect/misleading information.

  • Application Form.  View & print our application form (.pdf file). 

          Formatted for letter size paper (8.5" x 11");

          Answer all questions; 

          Sign & date at the bottom; 

          Attach your application fee and copy of current photo ID; 
    Incomplete or Unsigned applications will not be processed.

  • Security Deposit.  Not less than one-month's rent.  Sometimes higher. 

    • Full deposit is due at lease signing. 
  • Lease.  Written form. 

    • Lease is to be signed upon approval of application (no waiting until later).
    • Month-to-month lease term is OK in most (but not all) locations. 
    • Written Two-month notice required to move. 
    • All occupants must be approved by owner and named on the lease  
          [no sub-leasing,  no substitute roommates,  no extended-stay guests,  etc.]
    • Smoke-Free - All leases prohibit smoking, incense, candles, etc. anywhere inside or close to the building.

  • Rent Payments.  Rent is due on the first day of each month.  The first month's rent is to be paid at lease signing.  

    • Except  when the lease term begins more than two weeks after the lease is signed, the first month's rent is due before the lease term begins.

General Information for All Locations:
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  • Parking.  Primarily on-street.  Some locations have off-street spaces. 
    • Grand Ave - reserved spaces with long waiting list & monthly fee.
    • Grand Hill - on-street only.
    • Holly, Milton, Hague, Summit - first-come, first-served parking lots.
  • Storage.  Limited or none.
    • Grand Ave & Holly.
      • 894-902-908 Grand - Limited lockers.
      • 934 Grand - One locker for each apartment.
      • 580 Holly - One locker for each apartment.
      • 586-590 Holly - Limited lockers in basement.
    • Milton.
      • Large locker in basement for each apartment.
    • Hague Ave.  
      • No storage outside of apartment.
    • Grand Hill.
      • Small locker in basement for each apartment.
    • Summit Ave.
      • No storage outside of apartment.
  • Laundry.  Most (but not all) properties have ticket or coin-operated machines in common area laundry rooms.
    • Summit Carriage House No laundry.
    • Laundry Tickets.  Our ticket machines require one ticket per washer load and one ticket per dryer load.  
    • Ticket Prices:
      • 10-tix   @   $11.00
      • 20-tix   @   $22.00
      • 30-tix   @   $32.00
      • 40-tix   @   $41.00
      • 50-tix   @   $49.00 
  • Pets.  Some ok.  Some not.
    • Sorry, no dogs.
    • Cats and others will sometimes be considered.  (Not more than two cats in an apartment and No un-neutered male cats.)  If approved, additional rent and security deposit will be required.
  • Music, Noise, Etc.  Our building residents and neighbors appreciate peace and quiet.  If sound from any apartment can be heard outdoors, in common hallways, or in other apartments, it is probably too loud.
    • We ask residents to try to resolve their own noise problems by using their best efforts to talk directly with the "problem people."  As a last resort, the owner or property manager will intervene, in which case someone often ends up moving (to a new home).
  • Smoke-Free.  All leases prohibit smoking, incense, candles, etc. anywhere inside or close to the building. 
  • Tobacco, Incense, Candles & Cooking - Damage & Odors.  Caution -- BUILD-UP of, or lingering ODOR caused by nicotine, smoke, incense, soot, grease, etc., can result in costly cleaning or painting repairs and is IS NOT CONSIDERED NORMAL WEAR AND TEAR.  Residents are responsible for these costs.  Please do not allow odors from your apartment to get into the common halls or other units.

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  • Telephone & Cable (TV & Internet).  Renters pay all charges. 
    • Service, Wiring, Repairs. 
  • Electricity.  Renters pay for electricity. 
    • Except  in two efficiency apartments at 908 Grand Ave. 
    • Electricity for supplemental heat, if any, is paid by the renter. 
  • Cooking Gas.  Most renters pay for stove gas. 
    • Except  Holly Ave - Owner pays for cooking gas. 
    • Except  Hague Ave - Renters pay for electric cooking. 
  • Heating Gas.  Owner pays for natural gas heat in all 1-BR and some 2-BR apartments. 
    • Except  If supplemental electric heat is needed, electricity is paid by the renter. 
    • Except  Milton (2-BR), Grand Hill (2-BR, 3-BR, 4-BR), & Summit (2-BR & 3-BR) where each apartment is separately metered and apartment temperature is controlled by renter.
  • Hot water.  Paid by property owner in most locations. 
    • Except  Grand Hill & Summit. 
  • Cold Water & Rubbish.  Paid by property owner.


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